Recently, Actavis stopped producing its promethazine codeine syrup, used illegally in the Sprite and Jolly Rancher concoction called lean or “purple drank.” Shortly after the discontinuation, a new company called ActaBliss came out with a sizzurp that replaces codeine with THC and cannabinoids.

This syrup is meant to be a “safer” alternative to lean while still mimicking the texture and consistency of the old stuff. In the wake of an increasing number of hospitalizations and seizures among rappers (e.g. Lil’ Wayne), the hazards and addictiveness of codeine have become more evident. ActaBliss markets its new product to former codeine users as a way to still get high, but with less of the risk. Though I’m sure no one would mind if the Biebs kept on with his habits.

ActaBliss maintains that its product is not the same as what normally goes into those styrofoam cups, but customers are enjoying the purple color and syrupy consistency that gives them that “sizzurp” feeling. Two-ounce bottles are now for sale for $45 in California after the company handed out free samples on 4/20.

Source: TIME

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