If you can't stop thinking about all the turkey you're going to consume next week, hold up. Taco Bell wants to challenge you to think chicken. Specifically, Rolled Chicken Tacos. The fast food chain is bringing back the delicacy to take over that "side of soggy stuffing, that third plate of beige mush, or the inevitably dry turkey." Ouch!

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

The Rolled Chicken Tacos are making a comeback nationwide for a limited time. They feature marinated, shredded chicken rolled up into a crunchy tortilla. You can dip them into guacamole, nacho cheese, or spicy ranch, and seriously, that's a hard choice so just choose them all. 

Photo courtesy of  Taco Bell

The rolls will be available as a pack of two for $1.99, or as a four-pack for $3.99. If you really want to take it up a notch, go for the Taco Duo Pack that includes six of these babies paired with six classic crunch tacos and all the sauces for $10.99. Again, I think you know what to do here—go big or go home.