After introducing new drinks this year such as their Flat White, Cold Brew, and Latte Macchiato, Starbucks has now added another player to their game: the Cascara Latte. Not only did they add a new amazing beverage, but some eggcelent protein packed treats for breakfast! The highly loved coffee chain kicked off their new menu for 2017 with the release of these items and I was lucky enough to attend the tasting.

The Cascara Latte

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Now, before I even start, your first question may be: cascara? What the heck is it? It sounds like mascara.

Let me hit you with some coffee knowledge. Cascara is the outer skin of the coffee cherry fruit that contains the legendary coffee bean that we all know and love. It is subtly sweet but gives the drink a nice medium roast flavor. The cascara syrup that Starbucks is using combines the coffee cherry extract with coconut and cane sugars to guarantee a sweet and savory sip.

It adds subtle notes of dark brown sugar and maple when layered with the original espresso, which is probably my favorite part. I am not a huge coffee drinker (I know, I know), but I chugged this immediately so I think that highlights my views towards it. 

Sous Vide Egg Bites

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Photo courtesy of Starbucks

On Starbucks' new menu, you will find the perfect pairing to go with your beverage of choice because you probably forgot to eat breakfast. Starbucks presents the new Sous Vide Egg Bites. Another term many aren't familiar with is sous vide.

Sous vide refers to when a food is vacuum-sealed, immersed in a water bath and cooked at a consistent temperature. This technique is pretty trendy in the food world as of late. When asked why they decided to use this method, Starbucks said that it allowed them to find a way to create a tasty, protein-packed breakfast item for all of their loyal customers

Starbucks is offering two different variations: Egg White and Red Pepper with Monterey Jack Cheese and Spinach or Whole Egg with Gruyere and Bacon. Obviously, anything with bacon wins in my opinion, but these caught me off guard. I liked both of them, but there was a great velvety texture in the egg white option and I am also about that #healthlife. I am not one for egg dishes or snacks from chain coffee shops, but I am proud to report that Starbucks has now earned my trust.

Over the next five years, the company’s main aim is to double their food production! Not only did I learn new words like sous vide and cascara, but I learned that 2017 may also be the year of my newfound coffee addiction. Be sure to stay tuned for the new arrivals coming to your local storefront over the next few months!