We all admit that we're total suckers for the over priced not totally environmentally friendly plastic water bottle, and Smart Water is a common favorite. I claim that Smart Water's my guilty pleasure, and people can't honestly argue since it's water (I mean come on, there isn't anything healthier).  While I try to ignore the fact that I might be potentially killing the earth, I am a major Smart Water drinker and was curious when I saw my local convenience store selling two new "flavors" that diverged from the original.  Glaceau, under the umbrella of Coca Cola, made a splash in 2016 when they released a sparkling version of Smart Water (to fuel us seltzer addicts), and now they are cannon balling into the water business with Alkaline and Antioxidant waters being released nationwide this month.  New Smart Water (Yay!), but what is the 411?  Are they really that different?

The OG

To establish some background and educate any non Smart Water consumers, the water is the 4th most consumed bottled water in the United States behind Aquafina, Dasani and Nestlé Water.  As far as bougie waters go, or higher end ones, Smart Water is the most popular (more popular than Fiji, Voss and Evian).  The water is created through a vapor process that imitates the clouds which results in a completely pure, perfectly neutral (ph scale wise) taste.  It has added electrolytes to help that smooth taste and is fluoride free, a rarity with water.  Theoretically, water is tasteless but once you compare Smart Water to well-water, you will think otherwise (this could all be a marketing sceme, but just go along with it).  

Alkaline Smart Water

Addie Christianson

Ugg science, what in the earth does Alkaline mean?  It's a term to describe a basic state (when the ph level of a substance is over 7).  The opposite is acidic.  So congrats Smart Water, you've made an even more "basic" water than the OG.  Different basic, but this basic actually is beneficial since it is much more gentler on your teeth than normal spring water (which is usually fairly acidic).  There is evidence that it helps balance out acid reflex while also boosting your immune system.  As far as taste goes, this water is amazingly smooth.  It feels as though you are drinking air and has no hint of sourly aftertaste.  


Addie Christianson

Antioxidant Smart Water is distilled the same way as regular Smart Water.  The difference- it has added selenium which is an antioxidant that helps the immune system while lowering inflammation.  It also is rumored to help lower stress oxidant levels in the body.  The level of selenium is fairly low in the new Smart Water, but it cost the same as the regular water with a small extra benefit.  Smart Water is claiming that this new water is good for overall well-being which sounds nice and wholesome.  Taste wise, I can't really taste a difference, except for maybe a slight increase in taste, but consumers are loving a well-being water as if regular water isn't already good enough.