2019 is the year of new Oreo flavors. If you are spoiled for choice, keep reading because I personally tried (almost) all new Oreo flavors in 2019 so far and here are five I think you should definitely get your hands on. 

1. Dark Chocolate Oreo

Shantelle Gao

For all my chocolate lovers out there, this one is for you! The dark chocolate filling is rich and smooth, with a much stronger cocoa taste than the regular chocolate filling. While the dark chocolate filling is not as sweet, it still ranks low on the bitterness scale for dark chocolates (think Hershey's dark chocolate bar). Paired with the classic Oreo cookie wafer, the dark chocolate Oreo is perfect for anyone looking for a solid chocolate treat. 

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreo

Shantelle Gao

This Oreo puts a twist to the classic. The cookie wafer tastes like a mix between a graham cracker and the original Oreo cookie wafer. The filling contains two flavors split down the middle: half peanut butter and half chocolate (regular, not dark). Don't let the strong peanut butter smell mislead you to think that the peanut butter flavor will overpower the chocolate one. The flavors in fact complement each other so well, making this Oreo a wholesome peanut butter and chocolate cookie.

3. Carrot Cake Oreo 

Shantelle Gao

At first taste, I guarantee you will think that this as a carrot cake cookie and not an Oreo cookie - that is how much this Oreo lives up to its name. To mimic a carrot cake, the cookie wafer is flavored with hints of carrot and cinnamon - the two most prominent flavors in a carrot cake. The cream cheese filling further enhances the carrot cake flavor as it resembles the cream cheese frosting that tops off every carrot cake. As a whole, this Oreo is no gimmick; it is reminiscent of a carrot cake to every detail.

4. Fudge Dipped Oreo

Shantelle Gao

What's better than a classic Oreo cookie is a classic Oreo cookie coated with fudge. The fudge is just the right amount and coats evenly around the Oreo cookie, adding a layer of fudge flavor without covering the original flavor of the Oreo cookie. This fudge dipped Oreo will take your taste buds on a ride: first, the fudge flavor greets your taste buds; then, you get the full sensation of the classic Oreo cookie; finally, the fudge flavor lingers in your mouth even as the cookie is gone, leaving you craving for more. 

5. White Fudge Dipped Oreo Thin Bites

Shantelle Gao

The fudge layer gives the Oreo thins an extra bite. The white fudge, in particular, complements the cream filling so well that it is almost like eating a double-stuffed bite-sized Oreo thin. Bite-sized Oreo thins are also clean and easy to eat so they are great to take with on the go. 

What's Next? 

According to Instagram account @thejunkfoodaisle, Nabisco will be releasing a limited edition Buttered Popcorn Oreo later in 2019. Other rumored new flavors are Oreo Thins Latte, S'mores Oreo (returning), Maple Creme Oreo and Marshmallow Moon Oreo (in commemoration of the Moon Landing Anniversary).  While it is still uncertain if these will be released, I am for sure excited for Oreos this 2019.