Everyone knows that no summer is complete without eating a s'more. Now, the first thing you envision when you think of s'mores probably has something to do with sitting around a roaring fire, messy faces, and singing along to your favorite campfire songs. While traditional s'more-making is pretty fun, that's not always everybody's cup of tea. I mean, between humid Southern nights and smoke that always burns my eyeballs out, I'll go for a hard pass on the fire part.

Although you could make this summertime staple ~sans flame~, Olive Garden has taken the liberty to do it for us, even taking it a step further by upgrading it to an Italian-inspired cake. I'm not really sure what we did to deserve the restaurant's genius creation, but I know that I'm ready to stuff my face into the Olive Garden S'mores Layer Cake ASAP.

S'mores Layer Cake

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

As I mentioned above, Olive Garden took a classic American treat and gave it an Italian twist to create the latest addition to their menu, the S'mores Layer Cake. Structured similarly to tiramisu, the dessert features layers of vanilla-soaked ladyfingers, chocolate mousse, and marshmallows. To top it all off, graham crackers, toasted marshmallows and chocolate crunch are sprinkled on the cake to add that extra campfire flare. 

“We’re excited to introduce this new dessert because it gives our guests the craveability they look for in our dishes mixed with the timely nostalgia of a summertime classic," Olive Garden Executive Chef Jim Nuetzi said in a press release. 

It's Only Available For a Limited Time

The cake was welcomed to the menu on July 23, but it will only be available for two months (aka, until around Sept. 23). The price starts at $6.79, so if you're feeling up to sharing (as you presumably have already filled up on salad, breadsticks, and an entire entree at this point), you could split the cost with your friends so everyone can get a slice of this summertime perfection before it's gone.

S'more-making is a huge part of American culture, but sometimes you've got to lay back and have it served to you on a silver platter. Not only do you get to enjoy a decadent—and might I say nontraditional—cake, you don't have to do any of the roasting yourself (or wash your hair to get rid of the smoky campfire smell). So get on out to your nearest Olive Garden and order the S'mores Layer Cake before it's gone.