A couple months back, Lay's released a new chip known as Lay's Poppables and they have just begun their journey to fame within the past couple weeks. Many stores do not even have the time to restock the shelves, as these are sold out everywhere within days. Maybe sometime soon, Lay's will actually start creating its challenge flavors too!

Lay's did not release one flavor, but TWO— including sea salt and white cheddar, so we turned to social media to see if the hype is real.

According to Twitter...

Poppables are flying off the shelves of stores and into the mouths of Lays-hungry people almost as fast as it takes to tweet about it. Many people seem to be a fan of these new chips, so we dug deeper and realized that people are taking in these chips due to a nostalgia to 3D Doritos, which were produced in the early 2000's. What's your opinion, are Lay's Poppables the 3D Doritos 2.0, or something completely new?

As every story goes, there are people who will be a fan of the new product, and there will be those who turn away and focus on the original issues, in this case, more chips, less air. The Lay's Poppables seem to be more crunchy, but others believe that the puffy form of the chip produces an even lesser amount of chips in the bag. 

We decided to give them a try. Here's our opinion:

Jessy Kauffman

These chips are SOO GOOD. They have a bit of a thicker texture than a normal Lays chip, but they are balanced out by the airy feel as you bite right into it. I would highly recommend the white cheddar Poppables before it becomes out of stock in every store near you (even though I have not yet gotten my hands on the sea salt flavor).

The white cheddar Poppables have a very cheesy flavor, appealing to most cheese lovers. It almost makes it seem like if a sun chip and white cheddar Cheez-It had a baby, this would be it.