There's a lot of debate over which chocolate combination is the best. Some people love chocolate and peanut butter, while others are fans of chocolate and orange, but there's one flavor combo that just doesn't get enough attention until now. Kit Kat is releasing their new Kit Kat Mocha and Chocolate Duos this November, and I couldn't be more excited. 

While Kit Kat released a lot of new limited-edition flavors during the year, such as Apple PieBirthday Cake, and Lemon Crisp, Kit Kat Mocha and Chocolate Duos will become a permanent addition to the Duos collection that started with their refreshing Mint and Dark Chocolate Duos Kit Kat flavor. In their press release, Kit Kat describes their new creation as a "dynamic flavor combination [that] wraps the classic KIT KAT® wafers with a rich mocha flavored creme on the top and silky sweet chocolate on the bottom." This sounds like a dream come true. If only we didn't have to wait until November to get our hands on this chocolatey treat.