When it comes to almond butter, Justin's is by far one of my favorite companies. Although I am a die-hard fan of the Classic Almond Butter, I'm always excited to find out what new products Justin's has in store. In the past few months, Justin's released their Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups to satisfy anyone's chocolate craving and introduced their creamy Maple Cashew Butter. Just when I thought Justin's was going to take a break from releasing new products, they recently launched their new Justin's Nut Butter Covered Nuts. 

Justin's Nut Butter Covered Nuts are exactly what they sound like – crunchy nuts coated with smooth nut butter. So far, there are two options to choose from – Almond Butter Covered Almonds and Cashew Butter Covered Cashews – but hopefully, in the future, there will be Pecan Butter Covered Pecans and Peanut Butter Covered Peanuts.

Both the almond and cashew version of Justin's Nut Butter Covered Nuts contain only 4g of sugar and 3 to 2g of protein per serving. In addition, these snacks are gluten-free and organic. While Justin's Nut Butter Covered Nuts are not certified vegan at this time, there are free of dairy and other animal by-products

Forget about wasting your time dipping almonds in almond butter and give Justin's Nut Butter Covered Nuts a try. Whether you decide to share them with your friends or keep them to yourself, these crunchy snacks are a great midday pick-me-up. Be sure to check them out on Justin's website or head over to Whole Foods to buy a bag or two.