The first time that I heard that Pixar would be releasing a sequel to "The Incredibles" after 14 years, I thought that Twitter was playing a cruel joke on me. I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying that "The Incredibles" was one of the top five movies of my childhood. To have a sequel seemed almost too good to be true. Fortunately for me and all the other late '90s kids looking to relive a bit of their childhood, the rumors proved to be true. And to make things better, in honor of the release of "The Incredibles 2," Pepperidge Farm is releasing limited edition "Incredibles 2" Goldfish that are nothing short of super.

The'yre Edna Mode Approved

For the special edition "Incredibles 2" Goldfish, everyone's favorite smiling fish cracker is getting an Edna Mode approved make-over. After all, what's a super snack without its super suit? In addition to the iconic golden fish, "Incredibles 2" Goldfish will also feature the famous yellow "I" Incredibles logo and a fish suited up in Incredibles red. Most important about this new design? No capes! 

Dash, Is That You?

Photo courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

There one minute, gone in the next, "Incredibles 2" Goldfish are simply flying off the shelves of your local grocery store. Not that we would expect anything else from a superhero-themed snack. Released exclusively in honor of the new film, both singular bags and multipacks of these special edition Goldfish are available in stores from now until January 31, 2019. Be sure to stock up now though, because who knows how long it will be until the next Incredibles film?

Photo courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

For my entire childhood, Goldfish were strictly a special holiday snack food. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving in the Siegel house without a massive carton of Goldfish to munch on while we watched football game after football game. Thus, the snack that smiles back will always have a special place in my heart. By combining Goldfish with one of my favorite Pixar movies growing up, Pepperidge Farm has created a snack that literally tastes like movie nights with your best friends circa 2005. In one bag, there's nostalgia, there's cheddar flavor, there are fun shaped crackers, and this 20-year-old college student couldn't be happier.