Beer — some people call it the juice of alcohol land, but if you have enough of anything, you'll get drunk to an extent, depending on how much you drink. Shocker, I know, but it comes down to utter common sense. For some people, beer is beer, but for others, each beer is unique and has its own personality. Since we're talking about beer, I'm here to mention Sheetz's new hot dog beer, which is known as Project Hop Dog.

More details, please.

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Michelle Miller

In relation to hot dogs themselves, Project Hop Dog is an IPA, which stands for India Pale Ale with an alcohol content of 5.5%. It may seem weak, I know, but from personal experience, I know that I get relatively tipsy after three or four beers, depending on the day. The beer itself has nugget and centennial hops to it and is topped with hot dogs from Sheetz in the brew kettle. Not that the hot dogs have an impact on the taste of the beer, but what do I know? I'm just a writer. When it comes to purchasing the beer, it comes in four-packs with each can being 16 ounces, and the four-pack retails for $7.99. I must say, the beer is only available at 128 Sheetz stores in Pennsylvania, so if you're not near the state of Pennsylvania or willing to travel for the beer, you might as well be out of luck since the hot dog beer is limited edition. 

 Ryan Sheetz, AVP of Brand at Sheetz has stated the following:

"Project Hop Dog - yes a hot dog craft beer - is our craziest collaboration yet; we hope our latest limited edition craft beer is a fun surprise for our customers, a surprise that’ll engender smiles, laughter, and conversation - something we could all use more of right now.” He continued on to say that "In light of the health crisis, we gave a lot of consideration to releasing Project Hop Dog; we are doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers. While we are excited to release Project Hop Dog, we are asking customers to respect health guidelines such as social distancing and wearing a face mask while purchasing the beer.”

Of course, with social distancing, you can't necessarily shotgun this beer standing right next to your best bud, but you can do just that six feet apart someplace not with your best bud... or with your best bud. Whatever your heart chooses to do.