You've seen ranch-flavored chips before, but Hidden Valley Ranch has never had its own exclusive ranch chip flavor. Until this summer. HVR, the holy grail of creamy deliciousness, is now partnering up with Pop! Gourmet to bring its undeniably iconic flavor to new snacks.

The chips and popcorn recently made their debut at the Sweets and Snacks Expo (a trade show for new snacks) last week. Instagram user @junkfoodmom posted on Instagram about the new snacks saying that she was able to try a few bites there, and can confirm that they are indeed great. "The chips had more of a sour cream and onion flavor, but the popcorn really had the HVR taste and was my favorite," she wrote in her post. 

Right now there's no confirmation yet on when these will be coming to a store near you, so stay tuned for an update. But just think, soon you'll be able to dip your Hidden Valley Ranch chips in Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. There's no such thing as too much ranch.