Fox’s New Girl series has recently become a huge phenomenon. Four seasons, one loft, and six main characters. Literally if you haven’t laid your eyes on an episode I highly suggest you do so.

After falling in love like I did, you’ll want to toast it with alcohol as you do with all great things. Consider this “How To” while watching an episode (or 7) before going out.

This isn’t any game of “True American,” but you couldn’t possibly play that and pay attention to the show. You’ll thank me once you get to the party.

Take a sip when:

  • Jess sings, anything
  • Schmidt references his hair, moisturizer, sense of style or successful career
  • Cece references being a model
  • Coach yells, screams, or gets angry at/with someone
  • Nick fails at being an adult
  • Winston talks in the third person

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Take a shot when:

  • Jess references being from Portland
  • Nick and Jess get into an argument
  • Schmidt thinks about, hits on or stares at Cece
  • Winston references his career situation
  • Any of the characters mention their exes
  • Nick sweats profusely

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Chug your drink when:

  • Money goes into the Douchebag jar
  • Jess starts to cry
  • Winston and Schmidt fight over who is Nick’s best friend

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Finish and refill your drink when:

  • Two or more people start having a conversation in the bathroom
  • Any characters begin to play True American
  • Any of the main characters attempt to be romantic together

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Stay safe friends!