All things food—trendy or just downright delicious—are great. But sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the new food out there. To help you stay in the know, we've compiled a menu of five awesome things in food and drink news that you need to be trying (or at least know about) today. So here's all the new alcohol you could be sipping on this weekend (preferably on a rooftop while enjoying the sunshine). 

On the Menu

+ Ketel One is releasing a new "Diet Vodka"

+ Smirnoff is dropping spiked sparkling seltzer raspberry rosé

+ Moscow mules are now available in a can

+ Barefoot wine is making new wine spritzers, also in a can

Ketel One Is Coming Out With a New "Diet Vodka" 

Photo courtesy of @ketelone_us  via Instagram 

It's a shame that alcohol has calories, ya know? Well, Ketel One is trying to at least make the count lower with a new "diet vodka." According to Forbes, Ketel One Botanicals is an entirely brand new kind of alcohol that's distilled like gin and has lower calories, zero carbs, and ugh, yes, a much lower alcohol proof. The new spirit comes in three different flavors including cucumber and mint, peach and orange blossom, and grapefruit and rose—all sound tasty enough to take straight shots of, even if that's not really the point.

Smirnoff's Has New Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Raspberry Rosé 

Photo courtesy of Smirnoff

Say it with us: "Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Raspberry Rosé." There's a lot going on in the new canned Smirnoff cocktail, so let's break it down. Its product description reads on Smirnoff's website, "Light, crisp, and bubbly blend of raspberry and rosè flavor at only 90 calories and zero sugar. Perfect for those summer days when you want rose all day. YAAAAS."

So, yeah, in other words, it's a malt beverage with 4.5 percent alcohol that combines the taste of raspberry and rosè with bubbles, all in a super cute 12 ounce pink can that you can 100 percent toss into your beach bag. A six-pack goes for $8.99 and is sold nationwide. 

You Can Take a Moscow Mule (Almost) Anywhere in a New Canned Version

If you don't fall in the "I'll just have a Bud Light" camp or consider yourself a wino, it can sometimes be hard to get your hands on a good cocktail. For instance, if you go to a concert, go to a beach, or go to an outdoor party at a frat house, it's easier said than done to mix the perfect drink. Never fear—Mule 2.0 makes Moscow Mules in a 12 ounce can. A copper can at that! The drink is maid with "grain neutral spirits" and contains 8 percent alcohol. You can check Mule 2.0's site to find them at a store near you.

Barefoot Wine Is Putting Wine Spritzers in, You Guessed It, a Can

Photo courtesy of @barefootwine via Instagram

Cans, man. Alcohol brands know that drinking in the summer can take place just about anywhere, and a can is easier and lighter to take on the go. So, next up, wine spritzers. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly's new spritzers come in five different, mostly basic flavors—crisp white, summer red, moscato, red sangria, and rosé—in colorful 8 ounce mini cans. You can get these nationwide in a four-pack for $8.