If you love mysteries just as much as you love being a foodie, it’s your lucky day. Burger King® *just* launched a super tasty new drink – but it’s up to you to figure out the flavor before heading to your local restaurant to try it.

So, put on your detective cap and get ready to solve the mystery of the ultimate summer treat from Burger King®! Here are some clues to get you started:

- The item is in stores now, and it’s only $1 + tax

- Watch out for brain freeze: the mystery item is frozen (and sweet)

- This secret treat is only on the menu for a limited amount of time

Decode the emojis below to crack the code and reveal the newest menu item from Burger King®️. Once you think you know the answer, head to Burger King®️ to see if you’re right – and snag yourself a treat for $1 + tax before it disappears from the menu, just as mysteriously as it appeared.

Enjoy, detectives!