KitKat bars are my all-time favorite candy. The crispy, shareable wafers are the perfect blend of crunchy and smooth, and there's something about enjoying one that feels all too nostalgic. If you're a fellow chocolate enthusiast like me and would rather snack on plant-based sweets, good news: breaking off a piece of a vegan KitKat bar is now a reality!

Nestlé is launching KitKat V, a certified vegan alternative to the popular candy we know and love. The new plant-based version is made from 100% sustainable cocoa and will be launched later this year across several countries around the globe. After countless requests on social media to make a vegan KitKat bar, Nestlé answered our dreams with a rice-based formula that took around two years to develop.

While making alternatives to milk chocolate can be tricky, Nestlé says they worked hard to make a vegan version that "lives up to the high expectations of KitKat lovers everywhere." (That's right, they did that for us). The KitKat V ditches dairy milk but still imitates the creamy milk chocolate used in original KitKats, and is perfect for anyone who wants a little more plant-based sweetness in their life.

Although we don't have an exact launch date yet, the vegan KitKat bar is rumored to go on sale at select retailers in 2021 before hitting the global market. Just saying, I'll be first in line.