Think about all your favorite candies. What is the one ingredient they all have in common? Sugar.

Although sugar is what makes our favorite candies taste good, we know that too much sugar is unhealthy for you. This is what led Nestlé to create a new type of sugar.

Nestlé, a huge international food company, announced that it is trying to restructure sugar in a way that will give each product the same great taste with a lower sugar content.

In a statement to the New York Times Dr. Stefan Catsicas, the company’s CTO, said “It is sugar, but it is assembled differently so it can disassemble easily in your mouth with less going into your gastrointestinal tract.”

Nestlé has declined to explain the process, due to the fact that the company is currently pursuing patents for the new sugar. Dr. Catsicas did however explain that sugar we are currently eating is like a shoe box, in that the outside is made of sugar and the inside is still full of more sugar, while the sugar they are creating is like a ball where the outside is made of sugar but the inside is hallow. 

Nestlé’s goal is to have their new sugar in its products starting as early as 2018.

Reducing Sugar Intake

Nestlé, much like other food companies, has made goals to reduce the amount of sugar and fat in their products. If this intiative works, it will be a milestone in the history of junk food company reinvention and sugar reduction.

Reducing the company’s products' sugar content by 40%, Nestlé will also be able to sell their sugar to other companies, which will reduce the American population’s sugar intake tremendously—not to mention fatten Nestlé’s wallet.

Many companies have attempted to lower their products' sugar by selling reduced-sugar and sugar-free versions of the original recipes (mind you, alongside full sugar versions). These products have flopped because of they simply don't taste as good. Will the new version of the beloved Nesté Crunch bar taste better or will it not be worth the dollar and change? Get ready for a new taste by Nestlé in 2018.