Over the past year baking has become one of my favorite hobbies. Not only is it a way to focus my attention on solely one activity, but I can also make delicious food who doesn't like that? Whether you remember baking cookies with your grandma after school or going to your favorite bakery, you can't go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. Now, Nestle has elevated chocolate chips with GLITTER.   

Nestle's Edible Glitter Chocolate Chip Morsels


Chocolate and glitter are my two favorite things on this planet - seriously. Nestle Toll House has released its DISCO Morsels which are a combination of semi-sweet chocolate covered with edible glitter. Perfect for baking or snacking, Nestle's glitter chocolate chips instantly take those cookies to the next level. Did I mention that they call for high-quality food pictures?!

Nestle's DISCO Morsels are available now at Walmart for $2.48 (Note - prices may vary by location).