Tucked behind the Nashville Sounds stadium and Tennessee State Capitol lies the Nashville Farmers' Market, a culinary experience truly unlike any other. Home to over 150 local farmers and merchants, 14 amazing international restaurants, a Local Grow tasting kitchen, and an international supermarket, the Nashville Farmers' Market has an option for everyone

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Sam Jesner

While shoppers can indulge in fresh produce and local goods at the market almost every single day of the year, autumn is absolutely the best time to take advantage of this hidden gem. Filled with bright orange pumpkins with an air of cinnamon and spice, the Nashville Farmers' Market is the ultimate fall experience. 

Local Produce

Christie Rentschler

When you first walk out into the Nashville Farmers' Market's signature open-air farm sheds, the vast rainbow array of produces immediately catches your eye. Hundreds of vendors line the building with brilliant scarlet tomatoes and crisp green apples, all for incredibly affordable prices. At one merchant, a pound of any fruits and vegetables is only one dollar. The low prices and high quality of all produce makes the Nashville Farmers' Market a great resource for budget shoppers looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle at a low cost.

Fresh Baked Mini Doughnuts

Christie Rentschler

One of the most popular vendors in the outdoor market was Linda's Mini-Donuts, an Nashville Farmers' Market exclusive. Baked and fried right in front of your eyes, each donut comes out piping hot and perfectly doughy inside. It only cost me three dollars to indulge in 13 fresh baked mini donuts, which can be topped with either their homemade powdered sugar or signature cinnamon mix. These cute little treats were the best snack to munch on while strolling through the stalls! 

Artisan Spreads

Christie Rentschler

In addition to their amazing fresh produce, many local vendors make their own unbelievable homemade jams, jellies, and butters. Known for their exotic flavor combinations, Nashville Jam Co. is a must for anyone looking to improve their PBJs. From Peach Brandy to Strawberry Jalapeño, these preservatives perfectly compliment every taste palette. Batch Nashville, an artisanal merchant inside the Market House, also sells a variety of delicious spreads, including Pumpkin Butter from the world famous Loveless Cafe. For those looking to go even sweeter, Happy Bee Apiaries has the best wildflower honey at the market.

Homemade BBQ

Christie Rentschler

When you're done with your shopping, head inside the Market House for a wide variety of incredible international restaurants. My personal favorite option was B&C BBQ's lunch plate, which included mouthwateringly tender brisket, brown sugar baked beans, and wonderfully gooey cheddar grits. Other popular options include The Picnic Tap, which boasts innovative gourmet hot dogs and an enormous variety of tap beers, and Caracasville, home to the only Venezuelan empanadas in Nashville. 

Decorative Pumpkins 

Christie Rentschler

While pumpkins aren't technically a treat, is it really fall without them? No matter the size, shape, or color, the Nashville Farmers' Market will have a plethora of options to fulfill all your gourd needs. This stack is the perfect addition to any room decor, and makes a great background for festive photos. To celebrate the new fall season, mini pumpkins are available for only a dollar each! 

Whether you're a local or a tourist, the Nashville Farmers' Market  is the perfect addition to your autumn bucket list.