We've all been there—it's 7:45 am and there's no way you have time to go to the dining hall or make some bougie oatmeal before your 8 am. You halfheartedly reach for a protein bar, and it's fine, but it's not the warm bagel you've been craving. Well, Nancy's Petite Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagels is about to fix that. 

Here's everything you need to know about this gooey new breakfast (and probably snack) favorite. 

The Lowdown

These babies are made with fresh bagels and Philadelphia cream cheese—you can't go wrong with this quick and easy breakfast. Using your microwave, these bagel bites can be ready in under a minute. If you're feeling a little fancier and have some time to kill (around 10 minutes), you could also opt for heating them up in the oven to get more of that just toasted goodness. 

I'm the type of person that rarely gets sick of food, even plain bagels with cream cheese. If you need a little more variety though, Nancy's won't disappoint. The mini stuffed bagels come in four different flavors: Original, Jalapeño, Apple Cinnamon, and Pumpkin. From classic to spicy to sweet, this go-to breakfast is ready to match whatever mood you're in. 

Breaking Down Those Flavors

Nancy's original flavor is as basic as it gets. You got plain cream cheese stuffed in a plain bagel. I'm not hating, but you have to admit that the other flavors are a little more exciting.

Jalapeño is definitely the spiciest option with an asiago herb bagel filled with jalapeño and cream cheese (and arguably the tastiest).

The other two flavors are a little tamer, and very festive. If you've got a sweet tooth, your best bet is Nancy's Apple Cinnamon Bagel, which combines a cinnamon sugar bagel with apple cinnamon flavoring and cheese cream.

If you're like me and spend your fall sipping PSLs, the Pumpkin Spice Bagel stuffed with cream cheese and pumpkin puree is a must-have. 

Where to get 'em?

These are officially the perfect "rushing to get to class, but also v hungry" breakfast. Luckily, Nancy's Petite Stuffed Bagels come in bags of 16, so there's plenty to hold you over until your next grocery store run. 

They're currently sold in the frozen food sections of grocery stores throughout the US, and online from retailers like Amazon and Shoprite. But If you're craving pumpkin, you better head to Walmart because they're sold exclusively there. 

So if you're sick of your usual breakfast, Nancy's Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagels might be the perfect way to make your morning routine a little more fun and a lot more delicious.