Naked Juices are one of the most popular (non-alcoholic) drinks on campus, and for good reason—even the name is sexy. Unfortunately, some flavors boast almost 500 calories in one bottle, so it’s easy to sabotage your whole day with one impulsive “healthy” drink.

If you’re going to “spend” a lot of calories on something, there should be a fair amount of fiber, protein, vitamins and even healthy fats to keep you from ending up at Market for waffles an hour later.

At the end of the day, juice is juice: high amounts of sugar are inevitable. Lighten up the load on your blood sugar levels by sticking to the portion size on the bottles—most of them contain 2 or even 3 servings.

The Best

3. Acai Machine


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Sometimes, even the word “kale” seems repulsive and you just need a sweet, fruity smoothie to get you through the day. This one is the lesser of all evils—while it’s high in carbohydrates, the 3 grams of fiber will keep you fuller than other options (and you’ll meet your daily Vitamin A, C, and E requirements with just one glass).

Bonus points if you learn how to actually pronounce “acai.”

2. Mango Peach + Coconut Water


Photo by Ashton Caudle

Ditch the Gatorade on your walk back from the gym and pick up one of these instead. Coconut water is like nature’s answer to sugary sports drinks, and it’s full of the potassium you need after an intense workout.

The double whammy of peach and mango makes this tropical drink fruity and delicious, while still being significantly lower in calories than most other Naked options.

1. Berry Veggie


Photo by Judy Holtz

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of beets yet, you’re missing out. Not only do they tint whatever they’re in a beautiful pink, they are also a nutritional powerhouse packed full of essential vitamins.

Beets mingle with cherries, strawberries and chickpeas (!!!) in this delicious smoothie to deliver 5 grams each of fiber and protein to a single 8-ounce serving. If you’re searching for a sweet and refreshing juice that will actually keep you full, look no further.

The Worst

3. Mighty Mango


Photo by Alex Weiner

Could you do worse than this innocuous orange smoothie? Probably, but the biggest problem with this guy is that it lures you in with the promise of “pure fruit.”

Mangos are naturally very high in sugar, so any drink that’s mango-based should raise a red flag for you. The lack of fiber and protein in this smoothie means that you’ll be starving as soon as you finish drinking it.

2. Pomegranate Acai


Photo by Dena Zaret

Another example of why the words “pure fruit” should mean nothing to you in the juicing world—there’s no fiber to speak of in this bottle. Beyond that, when compared to its vitamin-packed brothers and sisters, this juice is seriously lacking.

With a mere 2% of your daily required Vitamins A, C and E in a serving, you can do a lot better than this sugar bomb.

1. Protein Zone Banana Chocolate


Photo by Liz Tadie

There’s no reasonable need for anyone to gulp down 500 calories in one sitting, but that’s just what will happen if you sip on this bottle. While the protein level is certainly remarkable (16 grams in a one cup serving), it doesn’t justify the high sugar levels.

There are much better natural sources of protein than this drink whose first ingredient is uber-sweet white grape juice. Don’t let this guy sabotage your workout.