As a loyal Trader Joe's fan, I've been trying to branch out and try new products at their stores. While some of these are new releases from the company, many ones are just on their shelves and things I constantly pass by and say "huh, maybe next time." Here are some of the products I tried this October! 

1. Lightlife Organic Tempeh 

I was so bummed when Trader Joe's stopped selling their tempeh this summer. It was the cheapest tempeh I could find and was absolutely delicious- so I went without eating tempeh for almost a month (yikes)! But, tempeh has returned to the shelves and it's cheaper than ever ($1.79 per pack). This name-brand stuff sells for upwards of $4 a pack in a standard grocery store, so TJ's sells it at a steal of a price. Although it's only three-grain tempeh (their TJ's brand was five-grain), it's still quite a good option for vegans on a budget. 

2. Instant Cold Brew 

I have to admit, this is the first TJ's product I have ever had to return to the store because of how much I didn't like it. I tried to make it over ice and it frothed up so much that I could barely drink it. Not only did it not taste like coffee, but it also left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. 

3. Unsweetened Hemp Milk 

I've made it my personal mission to decrease the amount of almonds I consume- mostly for the health of the planet. I've spent some time searching for a low-calorie dairy-free alternative and have really fallen in love with the taste of hemp milk. It's not widely available in most coffee shops, but you can get it at TJ's and make it at home for yourself. I think this hemp milk is uber creamy and doesn't impart an aftertaste.

4. Unsweetened Cacao Chips 

If you're looking to add some chocolate to your baked goods without making them taste too sweet, the unsweetened cacao chips are the way to go. These were just released by TJ's this month. I sprinkle them on oatmeal or bake them into pumpkin muffins. 

5. Cold Brew Concentrate 

After my failure with the Instant Cold Brew, I decided to purchase the Cold Brew Concentrate. Each bottle ($7.99) is a little on the expensive side for me, but I decided to try it and see what it would actually taste like. I mix the concentrate in a 1:3 ratio with ice and cold water- it turned out great! Although I go through about a bottle a week, I would really invest in the robustness of this product. 

6. Carb Savvy Tortilla Wraps 

If you're looking for a 45 calorie taco substitute, these are an okay option. They're lower carb than traditional wheat tortillas and come in a pack of ten! 

I didn't really like the taste of these wraps. To me, they were a tad plasticky and left a weird taste in my mouth. They don't really taste like tortillas (maybe it's the flour mixture), but they might taste better when baked and made into chips.