After multiple stops at grocery stores searching, I finally found the ice cream that I have spent weeks looking for. My friends raved about Halo Top, and since I was home for Thanksgiving I decided to include my family for a Halo Top taste test adventure.

My parents, younger sister, younger brother, and I tried four different flavors of Halo Top ice cream—S'mores, Red Velvet, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Birthday Cake.

We then ranked each of them and the top ice cream on each list got four points, second got three points, two points for the third ranked, and so on. Each flavor was then scored out of 20 as we indulged in Halo Top and time with each other. Here are the final outcomes on our taste-test and rankings. 

#4. Birthday Cake

Score: 5/20

This was the first HaloTop flavor I tried and was instantly impressed by the brand's quality and consistency. The ice cream is smooth and delicious, and tastes nothing like I expected it to.

The container was topped off with rainbow sprinkles and sweet cream ice cream and was definitely the most sugary flavor of the four. As tasty as the Halo Top Birthday Cake flavor was, it was missing the icing ribbons that characterize my favorite overly-sweet cake lookalikes.

#3. Peanut Butter Cup

Score: 12/20

Being the only chocolate flavor of the group, I did not know what to expect for Peanut Butter Cup. However, the flavor was not overwhelmingly chocolatey at all, and the incorporation of peanut butter helped give it another yummy element. I am a huge fan of Reese's, and Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup gave me a similar sensation with a much cooler taste.

For all my fellow peanut butter addicts out there, Halo Top satisfies the sweet tooth with far fewer calories, which is perfect because winter beach trips are right around the corner. 

2. Red Velvet

Score: 15/20

HaloTop captures the red velvet flavor perfectly. The pint is filled with bits of cocoa and the ice cream is a bright red color. Every bite contains chunks of what tastes like chocolate brownie, and the texture of Red Velvet is soft and it my spoon scooped it up effortlessly. The ice cream practically melts in your mouth and is extremely similar to a moist red velvet cake, minus the buttercream icing (which if added, would have landed this flavor in the #1 spot).

#1. S'Mores

Score: 18/20

Imagine roasting a nice golden marshmallow by a summer bonfire, creating a s'more, and pushing the entire dessert right into vanilla ice cream. Graham cracker bits, mini chocolate chips, and a marshmallow swirl made this HaloTop pint take me right back to the stress free days of summertime. The marshmallow taste is present throughout every spoonful, and by the time the five of us were on round three of the S'mores Halo Top ice cream, we knew there had been an obvious winner.
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Madison Newman

Being that I could eat ice cream all day every day, taste testing Halo Top was a dream come true. Despite the fact that we only tried four of the 16 flavors, I know I will be frequenting the freezer aisle to explore more of the brand's delicious low-calorie ice cream. For the sake of my sweet tooth and waistline, Halo Top scored big.