If you're in college (or even in the real world), you may have experienced the horror of not having enough time to eat dessert. You have classes to get to, parties to attend, and people to see! My/Mo Mochi Ice cream is fixing that. They're taking Mochi and making it completely portable by packaging it into snack packs. Here's everything you need to know about taking this dessert on the go.

Mochi On The Go

The My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream snack packs are filled with six mochi pieces that have the perfect velvety outside and creamy inside that will make you feel bougie af. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream packs come in seven different flavors, but their most recent release is the Mint Chocolate Chip. 

As for nutritional value, they're a little higher than your average pint of Halo Top with each Mochi bar weighing in at 110 calories. But really, it's dessert, so who cares?

WTF is Mochi?

If you're behind on the trend, mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake that kind of resembles the texture of sugar cookie dough covered in flour (you follow?). It's commonly used as a coating over ice cream to create a totally popable, sweet treat. And it's really good! You may have seen it at Whole Foods—they have a whole Mochi bar in some stores.

You can get My/Mo Mochie Ice Cream for $3.99 at select grocery stores. But if for some reason you're left out and can't get the sweat treat nearby, you can always try to make it yourself at home for the 'gram.