"I put that on everything!" This slogan printed on the side of the bottle describes me perfectly. If you ever catch me at any any meal, I am likely to have Frank's Red Hot planned into whatever I'm eating. In fact, I carry a small bottle of Frank's in my backpack and one in my car. Being known for having a little bottle of hot sauce I keep on me made me think about why this wasn't the first article I wrote! Therefore, I share with you a love letter to my favorite thing. 

Campbell Mecke

The Letter

Dear Frank's Red Hot,

You are the first thing I look for when I walk into a bagel shop, a deli, and especially Hamilton Eatery. When I see you, my eyes light up. Seeing you makes me excited and free. When I don't see you, I ask for you. Without you, my life is limited; I order with caution, knowing you won't join me for the meal. 

Oh, Frank's Red Hot, no one compares to you. Of course, there's Tabasco and Cholula, but neither are you. You are rare, you are unique, and you are the best. You have the spice; you have the flavor; you have the consistency. What else is there to want? 

When I am with you, Frank's, I am my best. I am happy, I am satisfied, I am excited! I hope that everyone has a hot sauce like you in their life!

<3 Campbell 

Campbell Mecke


Now that you have read my profound and poetic letter to Frank's Red Hot professing my love, I am sure you are curious about when I first used it and on what that makes me love it as much as I do.

My introduction to hot sauce, and specifically Frank's Red Hot, started in my freshman year of college at breakfast. Arriving at the dining hall after my 8 AM class, I craved a good breakfast to keep me full and energized. To everyone else at breakfast with me that morning, the options seemed great. To me, however, I didn't know what I would choose. As a former picky kid learning to like new foods in the smaller of two dining halls on campus, breakfast was usually just an apple. Others had oatmeal and breakfast sandwiches, but I knew I didn't like oatmeal and I had never tried a bacon egg and cheese before. I only recently learned to like eggs a year before! 

That day, I decided to try the breakfast sandwich. As a freshman, I still had unlimited meal swipes, so what did I have to lose? I took my sandwich of choice, swiped my meal card, and sat down with my usual breakfast crowd. Before I could take a bite, the girl across from me handed me Frank's to go with my sandwich, insisting it would make it ten times better. Also, previously wary about any type of hot sauce, I decided to take the leap. It was love at first bite. 

So Frank's Red Hot, if you ever see this please feel free to hook me up with some products. I am definitely a contender for your biggest fan!