I have broken down my Kaldi's recommendations into different categories for my readers to browse based on what they are craving right now. Whether you want breakfast, a hearty lunch, a light snack, or a refreshing drink, I have you covered.

Breakfast: Breakfast Bowl

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t fret because I have a great suggestion that is both filling and delicious. I know everyone reading this is shaking their heads because how could I not choose the famous Kaldi’s Avocado Toast, but I promise this breakfast bowl is the sleeper pick of the season.

This Kaldi's recommendation has everything you could ever want in a breakfast all in one bowl – sweetness and saltiness from caramelized bacon and baked sweet potatoes, hot sauce that packs a little heat to wake you up, and cool and creamy avocado to leave you feeling refreshed. My one complaint is that this item is only sold at Kaldi’s Emory Student Center location, but I know it's just because it’s too tempting to have it at more than one location on campus.

Sandwich: Chicken Bacon Sandwich

I am excited to share my favorite sandwich on campus with all of you, just like I’ve shared with countless friends before. I’ve been a firm supporter of this glorious sandwich since my beginnings at Emory and have turned it into my must-order Kaldi’s recommendation for lunch.

This decadent and delicious sandwich is perfect thanks to its thick bun, crispy bacon, sharp cheese, and salty aioli. While the Chicken Bacon Sandwich does have lettuce on it to lighten it, I would still recommend your free side be the orange slices to further balance out this savory gem.

Salad: Greek Salad

For those of you who prefer something lighter for your midday meal, I have just the Kaldi's recommendation for you. I would argue that you can never go wrong with a good Greek salad, and that’s exactly what the one from Kaldi’s is.

It has a flavorful dressing along with all the necessities of a Greek salad – mixed greens, feta cheese, cucumbers, and olives. Kaldi’s Coffee goes above and beyond to elevate this salad by adding some of their delicious hummus (shout out to the Hummus Plate which deserves an honorable mention in this category) and two pieces of pita. This salad acts as an amazing lunch because it feels healthy and light, while also leaving you full enough to continue your day without a worry. 

Drink: Antioxidant Berry Smoothie

I must preface this recommendation with the statement that I am not a coffee drinker, which I know is very uncommon on a college campus like Emory’s. Regardless, I still think this suggestion is perfect for any other caffeine-free friends or anyone looking to try something outside of their regular drink order.

This smoothie packs in berries like none I’ve ever tried before with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries all represented. It’s sweet thanks to the berries and honey, but with a slight tang from the orange juice. While it is a lovely accompaniment to any Kaldi’s meal as a beverage, it also can act as a great stand-alone snack during the day.