Over the summer, I went to the popular food festival Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At Smorgasburg, there are 100 different ethnic food vendors in one location. Even though I was excited to try many of the different foods, there was one food in particular that I wanted to try more than anything: the spaghetti donut. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love pasta. To have pasta in a donut form was so exciting to me. Plus, I had seen it on Instagram. I knew I needed to try it. Here are my first four thoughts after initially trying the $5 spaghetti donut.

1. Is This Real Life?

Considering how much I love pasta, it was like I was in heaven. Just the whole idea of having pasta baked into the shape of a donut was intriguing to me. I knew that there were other crazy food mashups out there, (i.e. the Ramen Burger), but I actually could not believe that I was having a spaghetti donut in real life. I was blown away.

2. It Actually Tastes Like Spaghetti In Tomato Sauce

At Smorgasburg, there are three flavors that you can choose from: red sauce, carbonara or mac and cheese. I decided to go with the traditional red sauce. I was surprised that it actually tasted like spaghetti in tomato sauce (without the mess of the traditional dish). Plus, I felt pretty cool holding it in my hand.

3. My Day Is Complete

Considering how much I was looking forward to trying the original spaghetti donut, I would say my day was pretty much complete after having my first bite. When I told people I was going to Smorgasburg, I told them that it was the one thing I wanted to try. After eating it, I could have been done for the day, (I continued to eat everything), but no other food trumped my love for the donut.

4. I Will Buy This Again

After the initial bite, I was smiling ear to ear. For $5, it is safe to say that I will definitely have the spaghetti donut again at some point in the near future. It was a good mixture of flavors and textures, and it brought pure happiness to my soul. I will definitely buy this again at next summer's Smorgasburg.

When I first saw the spaghetti donut on Instagram, I wasn't sure how good it would actually be. To be honest, I thought it possibly could just be hype. Clearly, my experience at Smorgasburg proved me wrong, and the next time I go, I know exactly which vendor I will visit first.