When I saw the headline “Dole Invents Edible Fitness Tracker Made from an Actual Banana” I expected to click through to The Onion not Eater. But it really looks like this is for real. Two runners at tomorrow’s Tokyo Marathon will be running with/wearing/carrying a jacked up banana from Dole.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a regular banana is peeled and emptied then refilled with a smaller banana and an LED display to create this literal super fruit. The banana’s display will provide runners with their time to keep them on track, their heart rate to help them keep pace and messages from people around the world. Feel free to send your own message here, maybe tell them to check out Spoon?

At the end of the race the runners can naturally eat the banana inside, making this the world’s first “edible wearable,” which is apparently important. You can check out the video below to see some of the process behind the wearable banana’s conception or just verify for yourself that this is an actual product that exists. While you’re waiting for these fruity fitness trackers to become available to the public you might as well get a robot to feed you tomatoes while you run.