From National Oreo Day to Girl Scout cookie season and a Purim filled with dozens of hamentashen, everyone can’t seem to get enough of our favorite snack and we’re not complaining. But, not to hate on the world’s most iconic cookies, this week’s #SpoonFeed photos showcased some unique cookie variations that were far less basic. Sit down, grab your glass of milk and prepare to be in awe.

Is Spring finally here??

Alllright, Rachel Connors. Red velvet Oreo stuffed cookies? We see you.

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Jana, we knew you were the cupcake topper queen but you’ve outdone yourself this time.

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Girl Scout cookie ice cream sandwiches = so much yes.

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Too bad Santa is in hibernation and currently missing out on this milk ‘n cookies action.

We love all the pics you guys post with your pets but we can’t help but feel sorry for them sometimes.

Those cookies look chewy and gooey af. Teach us your ways, @puppiesandbrunch.

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Obligatory Levain cookie pic.

@treat_yo_selfff is living up to all they stand for and we dig it.

So we were hating on the basicness of hamantaschen…until we saw these Irish Car Bomb ones. Holy crap. It’s definitely not as crazy as @whatjewwannaeat‘s, but here’s our go-to hamantaschen recipe.

Well if that wasn’t inspiration then we don’t know what is. We know you’re tryna brainstorm your next move in the cookie department, so just don’t fight it and head to our Instagram page. We know a good cookie.