May has arrived and with it – Mother’s Day!
While moms around the world will be happy to have their Hoyas back after finals, sending a care package is a great way to still celebrate the holiday if you aren’t with your loved ones. Here are a few tips for a memorable Mother’s Day care package or for any future gifts you’ll be sending through the mail.

Mother's Day

Photo by Rachel Ferreira (Spoon University – University of Michigan)

 1. Give your box a theme
The possibilities are endless even though you’ll be filling the box with just one focus, whether it be chocolates, cheeses, fried foods, dried foods, pickled foods, gluten free snacks, regular snacks, the makings of a full meal, just desserts, utensils or appliances, and much more. For example, you can build an entire package around a cake or cookie mix by collecting and individually packaging the raw ingredients required to make the blend. You can include frosting, sprinkles, cookie cutters, a cake pan, or more decorative elements.

2. Throw in a cookbook or a subscription
Adding a cookbook to your care package is another gift that can add another dimension to your gift. Try to find a chef or author you’ve already seen around your house, a type of food that your family loves, or one that fits with your theme. Subscriptions to magazines such as Bon Appétit, Food and Wine, SAVEUR, Gourmet, Food Network, and many others make for great gifts that keep on giving even after Mother’s Day is over. You could also simply sign her up for some fantastic Spoon University newsletters (hint, hint).

Mother's Day

Photo by Scott Harrington (Spoon University – Georgetown University)

3. Premade orders
There are plenty of gift baskets online if you’re a little short on time thanks to finals. Another idea would be a subscription box. Buzzfeed collected a good list you can directly use or use for inspiration:

The splurge aka the one I’d love: #11 Try the World sounds like a global adventure.
The much more reasonable ones: #1 Skoshbox, which is packed with Japanese treats for only $12 a month. Or #4 Taste Guru for those who are gluten free or trying the diet.

Edible Arrangements, on Q Street and Wisconsin Avenue, has a complete collection to shop from for Mother’s Day too, starting from $29 (not including shipping). Of course, there is always Georgetown Cupcakes, Olivia Macarons, Le Pain Quotidien, and many other shops around Georgetown that ship.

Mother's Day

Photo by Emma Delaney

4. Make it Georgetown or DC specific
Throw in a Georgetown or Washington DC mug to go with that tea, hot chocolate, or coffee! Maybe line your package with a cute university tee? Your note can always be written on a DC postcard! Extra points for finding a way to include Jack the Bulldog.

5. Most important step: Make it Personal
What every mom wants on mother’s day is to be with her children. Send her a picture of you so she knows you’re doing great or select her favorite treats to include, one that will bring back a good memory, a reference, or an inside joke. Make your own card or bake her something sweet. Get creative, she’ll love it!

*Pay attention to your shipping choices, especially for timing and perishables.