Netflix's original docu-series Chef's Table is a foodies dream come true. Each episode explores the kitchens of stand-out chefs from across the globe. The featured chef's have all found a unique twist on gourmet cuisine, catapulting them to culinary fame. But, their paths to success were not so clear-cut.      

When I discovered Chef's Table, I quickly became hooked. I was blown-away by each chef's level of creativity and their relationship with food. Not only did I learn a lot about gastronomy, but I also became fascinated by the personal stories of each chef. Check out these 5 insanely inspirational stories from Chef's Table, which will all make you want to watch the show if you don't already. 

5. Ana Ros

What makes Ana Ros's story so interesting, is that she didn't plan on a career as a chef. She was working as a diplomat when she and her husband took over his family's restaurant, Hisa Franko. Lacking professional experience and traditional training, Ros faced the challenge of learning how to cook. She taught herself by traveling to gourmet restaurants around the world and watching her mother-in-law cook.

Fast forward 16 years and Ros is transforming the culinary game. Not only has she brought fame to Slovenian cuisine, but Ros has also received the prestigious award of The World's Best Female Chef of 2017. Ros is an example that time, patience, and perservance eventually pays off.

4. Ivan Orkin

Ivan Orkin's story is one of heartbreak and triumph. He faced a myriad of obstacles on his course to becoming one of Tokyo's most celebrated Ramen chefs, which is almost unheard of for a foreigner, not to mention a Long Island native. Orkin's love for Japan lead him to move to Tokyo after college, which is where he discovered his passion for cooking. He went on to work in some of New York's top kitchens such as Lutéce and Mesa Grill. At the height of his career, a sudden tragedy changed everything. Orkin's wife died while carrying their second child.

In the episode, Orkin describes her death as making him more forceful and less afraid to fail. This lead him to pursue his dream of opening a ramen shop in Tokyo, where he found success by combing New York and Japanese flavors to create a special bowl. 

3. Massimo Bottura

This electric and energetic chef is featured on the first-ever episode of Chef's Table, and for good reason too. Massimo Bottura has become an Italian icon for his reinvention of  traditional Modena ingredients. His restaurant Osteria Francescana, is currently ranked number two in San Pellegrino's list of The World's 50 Best Restaurants 

Despite achieving great success, Bottura once faced much contempt for his dishes. People went as far as calling him a 'traitor' to the Italian kitchen, making him question whether he should close the restaurant. Thankfully, he used their criticism as motivation to keep going and challenge the palates of diners, and his restaurant is most definitely still open.  

2. Jeong Kwan

Perhaps, the most surprising thing about Jeong Kwan is she is not a traditional chef; she is a Buddhist nun from South Korea, who is a cook for her temple. Kwan was discovered by famed French chef Eric Ripert, while he was on assignment for a cooking show.

Kwan's food is so special because it's rooted in Korean monastic tradition. She has an intense spiritual connection to the preparation of ingridents and pours immense love and energy into growing her garden. The Buddhist nun follows a principle of making the best food for our bodies and palates. Watching Kwan's episode will forever change your perspective on food.

1. Grant Achatz 

Grant Achatz once faced a chef's worst nightmare: losing the ability to taste. In the midst of opening his restaurant, Alinea, he was diagnosed with stage IV tongue cancer and had to undergoe harsh radiation, which stripped away his tastebuds. This horrible situation only got worse when doctors told him they didn't know when, if ever, he would be able to taste again.

But, Achatz did not let cancer pull him away from the kitchen. The molecular gastronmist relied on his sous chefs for taste, and he'd send sketches of new dishes to them during treatment. Luckily, Achatz's ability to taste returned; Alinea also opened to great succes and was awarded 3 Michelin stars. 

Chef's Table is so much more than seeing accomplished chef's cook incredible 10-course meals. It's humbling to watch these culinary geniuses reveal what's behind the food. They aren't defined by success or fame, but rather a fierce determination to follow their ambitions.