We’ve all been there — standing in the dining hall, starving, trying to choose from the rotating entree options. Need a few main stays? Go with one of Mojo’s many reliable options.

Sandwich Bar:

Photo by Alex Weiner

You can always have your favorite sandwich or wrap made for you at the sandwich bar. Mojo carries about 10 different types of bread, which can be topped with your choice of meats, cheeses, veggies and sauces, giving you endless ways to customize your sandwich. And if you think you can wait the extra five minutes without eating your hand off, you can pop your creation into the panini press for a delicious, toasted masterpiece.

Salad Bar:

Everyone knows that Mojo has a salad bar (I mean, come on — it takes up the entire center of the dining hall). A salad is always an easily customizable, healthy option if nothing else sounds good. If salads aren’t really your thing, try veggies with ranch dressing or a couple of hard-boiled eggs for a quick serving of protein.


Photo by Alex Weiner

If you’re looking for something more substantial, head over to the grill for a ready-made hamburger. Then, check out the burger bar for toppings on toppings. You can also find hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and vegetarian options (like my personal favorite, the spicy black bean burger) at the grill.


Photo by Alex Weiner

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Breakfast for dessert? For the times when you get sick of the infamous dining hall cookies (if that’s even possible), head to the cereal station and grab your favorite childhood cereal. Let’s face it, it probably has enough sugar to be considered dessert anyway.


Photo by Alex Weiner

It only takes five minutes to make a waffle. Not only are they delicious, but they also rep Michigan. Go waffles and go blue.