Easter is seeped in tradition from Christian church services and family meals to the more playful egg decorating and egg hunts that occur on this holiday. Regardless of your religion, you can test out some of these recipes for a tasty meal and try out some new vegan candy and desserts!


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Nicole Drago

For brunch, try making this eggless frittata with chickpea flour, blueberry scones with rosemary, and roasted vegetables on the side. Serve with orange juice or something fresh like mixed fruit for a balanced breakfast!

Main Meal

Instead of ham try glazed tempeh or roasted chickpeas for your main dish. You could also test out vegan chicken or a vegan ham roast using Tofuturkey or Field Roast’s alternative version. 

Tasty Sides

Try making these vegan deviled eggs made with tofu for an animal-free alternative! Other great sides include roasted green beans with almonds, scalloped potatoes with vegan butter, and clover-leaf buns. 

Egg Hunt

Mackenzie Laverick

Fill your eggs for the hunt with Project 7’s vegan candy like these sour apple rings and gummy worms. They also have gummy bears and lollipops! If you like chocolate, there are many vegan versions like chocolate bunnies and carrots made without milk. PETA has a great list of vegan jelly beans and other candies that you can check out too!


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Julia Hedelman

Minimalist baker’s delicious Vegan Carrot Cake with DF “cream-cheese” frosting is not only vegan but also gluten free and tastes divine! If you have some fresh spring flowers, top the cake with edible wild violets, pansies, marigolds, and dandelions for some extra spring flair!