If you’ve been waiting patiently all year to catch the eye of that special someone, the holiday season is the perfect chance. With a different party every weekend, there will be plenty of opportunities to choreograph a run-in with your sweetie. Throw a little mistletoe into the mix and there’s nothing that could get in the way of your romance. Nothing, perhaps, except for lingering garlic breath, thanks to the extra garlicky hummus from the hors d’eouvre platter. Munch on one of these foods before getting up close and personal to ensure sweet smelling breath perfect for smooching.

1. Greek Yogurt


Photo by Justin Schuble

6 ounces of probiotic-packed yogurt a day has been show to reduce bad breath in only a matter of weeks. The good bacteria in the yogurt fights against the odor-causing sulphur compounds in your mouth. What’s more, yogurt fortified with vitamin D provides the extra benefit of reducing overall bad bacteria in your mouth. Just be sure to stay away from varieties loaded with sugar, as those will only allow for bacterial growth in the body. Instead, try mixing up your own flavors using these ideas.

2. Parsley and Basil


Photo by Elise Bauer

Have a hot date at a romantic Italian restaurant? Don’t fret about grabbing an extra slice of garlic bread, just as long as you order some odor-fighting pesto sauce too. Parsley and basil, the key ingredients in pesto, contain polyphenols. These break down the smelly sulfur compounds found in foods like garlic, so you can feel free to lean in for a goodnight kiss.

3. Green Tea

We’re all familiar with the dangers of coffee breath. So, the morning of your next date night, swap out your favorite latte for a classic green tea. Flavonoids, the antioxidant found in this soothing drink, both destroy and prevent odor-causing bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

4. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Photo by Olivia Henry-Jackson

Sure, the crudité platter may not be the most interesting appetizer, but it works threefold to prepare you to pucker up. Crunchy, high-fiber fruits and vegetables cause the mouth to produce more oxygen rich saliva, which combats odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. The vitamin C found in some fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and broccoli also creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth. Finally, food particles trapped in your teeth can cause bad breath. Munching on these fruits and veggies raw acts similarly to a toothbrush and removes those pesky particles.

5. Water

Water already boasts a laundry list of benefits, so it’s hardly a surprise that it would pop up on this list. Most odor-causing bacteria thrives in a dry mouth. Water not only washes away these bacteria, but also moistens your mouth and throat to create a difficult environment for new bacteria to survive.

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