Don't get me wrong, Spoon meetings are the one of the highlights of my week, but this particular week was quite special. We were given the opportunity to try Miss Mandel Bread's famous chocolate chip and funfetti cookies.

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Brandon Fishman

Elise, our marketing director, started out the introduction to these cookies saying that not only were our samples were so graciously given to us but hand-delivered by the creators themselves. This should key you in about how awesome Dara and Mari are.

Their story begins with two sisters both not enjoying their jobs that involved sitting in front of computer screens all day. Their father always encouraged entrepreneurship, especially because it runs in their family, so they decided to experiment with the family recipe of mandel bread. 

Little did they know that while looking for other jobs, the mandel bread was about to become their new job. From giving samples to family and friends, the feedback was extraordinary, leading them to make batches and batches of mandel bread with minor adjustments. But, those minor adjustments just didn't seem right and they stuck with the original. 

In October, they began to send samples to Instagram followers, Spoon University groups and even Mr. Delivery in Bloomington, IN during homecoming weekend (PSA to students at IU: you're so damn lucky). 

Not only are they supporting Spoon Chapters and giving special shoutouts to their loyal instagram-ers, but they also hope to give back to the community. They've sold cookies at a Halloween carnival at an elementary school in Miami (U Miami students go order now) and in March, they plan on donating the cookies as dessert at an auction hosted by another school in the Miami area. 

With flavors like the classic chocolate chip and the beautiful (Instagrammable) funfetti, the samples have been a hit and sales have really picked up. 

cake, chocolate
Brandon Fishman

While tasting these at the meeting all I could think is: it's so little, but so powerful. Their shape isn't the typical round cookie, it is more of a "french fry." It is long, thick, and has just the right amount of crunch. However, this is definitely dangerous because since it isn't so big, I definitely could've eaten 10-12 of them. 

This family recipe for sure needs to be passed down for the rest of eternity. Look out for holiday orders online and see for yourself what the hype is all about. 

Check them out on their websiteFacebook, and their Instagram.

P.S. Mari is a fellow badger so... on Wisconsin!