Let me just start off by saying that it’s a complete coincidence that Spoon also just happens to be selling miracle berries for our fundraiser… Just kidding! We would never lie to you like that; of course this article serves as shameless self-promotion!

All joking aside, we do feel the need to divulge some facts about the amazing properties of the miracle berry so that you know what you’re missing out on by not ordering one. In fact this fruit is so miraculous that a Michelin star chef had specifically opened a restaurant serving courses dedicated to complement the berry.

Miracle berries and their tablet counterparts will momentarily alter your taste buds for a good half hour per serving such that almost anything you eat will feel delectably sweet. This is made possible through a natural protein called miraculin, which blocks sour taste receptors while altering other tastes (spicy, salty, bitter). Here are some intolerable things  you can eat with a miracle berry.


miracle berries

Photo by Sandy Huang

If you have a bunch of lemons lying around for whatever reason, there is now a way to get rid of them without being wasteful. After eating a miracle berry, lemons can taste like anything from lemonade to Sherbet.


miracle berries

Photo Courtesy of Terri Mattioni

Attention: Guinness and cereal just became a delicious option for breakfast.

According to many accounts, bitter beers, and especially Guinness, will taste like chocolate milk.On the other hand, hard liquors, such as tequila, have also been reported to taste smoother and sweeter, in case you were interested.


miracle berries

Photo by Kelsey Kushner

We wouldn’t recommend drinking too much of this for the sake of your teeth but apparently it tastes like golden syrup.

For other options, try these!

Goat Cheese

miracle berries

Photo courtesy of Food52

We love cheese but cheese that tastes like cream cheese frosting? We’re in.

Whole Grain Bread

miracle berries

Photo by Stephanie Lee

Let’s just say dieting will feel like a piece of cake, literally.


miracle berries

Photo by Liana Lis


Taste…even…better? A few accounts have stated that it tastes like the original except coated in sugar.

Given that its effects are all natural, the miracle berry and the tablet made from it are great ways for the weak of mind, like myself, to steer clear of high calorie snacks while satisfying that irresistible craving for sweets. However, whether or not you’re trying to cut down on the belly fat, we guarantee that this “flavor tripping” experience is something that you do not want to miss.