Drinking is a huge part of college life for many students. Whether it's at a frat party or during movie night, you likely won't be able to attend either one of these events without seeing some alcohol. However, for those who don't drink like myself, it can be a deterrent to participating in social activities, but Mingle Mocktails is changing the game. 

What Is Mingle Mocktails?  

Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails mission to help get rid of the stigma associated with not drinking. The reason people choose not to drink can be varied, and frankly, doesn't require the judgment of someone else. However, we all like to fit in especially in a social setting, and now Mingle Mocktails has made the possible. 

The brands alcohol-free, botanical beverages are great for creating mixed drinks and cocktails of all sorts that taste delicious and look like the real deal. 

Mingle Mocktails are available in five flavors: Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa, Cucumber Melon Mojito, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini and Moscow Mule and Cranberry Cosmo.

Where To Get Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails

Mingle Mocktails is available on the brands website and Amazon for $13.95. These specialty beverages can also be found at Whole Foods