It is safe to say that we have all been thrown one of the biggest curve balls we’ll likely ever experience in our lifetime. And by curveball, I mean a worldwide pandemic. The life we lived pre-quarantine now seems foreign following the three months of isolation. After the initial shock as a college student myself, I decided to channel the rising anxiety I was feeling and use the abundant amount of newfound time as an opportunity for greater success. It can be easy to aimlessly scroll through social media or make a list of mental excuses. BUT, once you acknowledge and value your self-worth, determine the need for change, and make an effort to shift that negative mindset -you can live a more present, mindful life. I promise

When I first left the city and traveled back to my childhood home, I was determined to intensify my fitness routine and commit myself to hardcore HIIT classes or long runs. What I hadn’t realized was that aside from that strenuous and monotonous workout, my days had little to no structure. My mind was constantly racing. I was over-eating and overthinking.

Mindfulness Tips:

My first mindfulness tip is to, “Line your sh*t up!” And by this I mean head to Target and purchase a cute journal. Or just use an old notebook. Either works. The point is that you put the pen to the paper each morning. Create a list of everything you need to accomplish that day. Stop and think for a minute. Take note of the tasks that are stressing you out the most. Then, write down everything that came to mind. Once you do so, nothing is  ignored AND you’ve just completed one, productive task for the day

Number 2: Get out of your pajamas and get dressed. Make your bed and set aside five minutes to create a clean and organized space. I believe that our environment has a huge impact on our mood. This is also a good time to mention how impactful it is to get outside. Put on an audiobook or try listening to a new podcast while taking a walk. I love the Skinny Confidential Podcast as well as the goop Podcast. I make it a goal to walk three miles everyday. Walking gets me outdoors but also out of my head. And I can check it off my to-do list

As I mentioned before, workouts can become monotonous. I have learned how important and effective it is to switch up your routine. There are countless fitness influencers leading free, online workout classes. Personally, I have loved doing a yoga flow once a week. Yoga is a relaxing and effective way to slow and clear the mind. Don't be fooled, it is definitely not as easy as it might seem ;)

And finally, breathe. Meditating is not the easiest task and I still haven’t mastered it. I have learned how important it is to just use your breath. If I am feeling particularly overwhelmed I will lay down on the ground and take 30 deep breaths. I follow the Wim Hof breathing technique that I discovered after listening to a podcast and I highly recommend it.

Once you create a consistent daily-routine and begin to value self-care, you will notice a positive shift in all areas of your life. Now, quit overthinking and go live your best life. You got this!!