If you’re Christina Tosi obsessed, then you’ve been waiting long and hard since her debut on Chef’s Table in 2018.  Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait anymore. Tosi’s new Netflix series Bake Squad is now available to watch at your own discretion (but if it’s anything like Milk Bar Pie, I’m sure it will be addictive).  

Bake Squad features four different chefs: Maya-Camille Broussard who specialized in pies; cake connoisseur Ashley Holt; Christopher Rulle, a Michelin-trained pastry chef; and Gonzo Jimenez, a chocolatier. Each chef utilizes their specialty to embrace the brief by a special guest who needs a dessert showstopper for a celebration. The Bake Squad’s ultimate goal is to make the individual’s celebration special regardless of whose display is chosen.

We all know no watch party is complete, especially a food watch party, without a set of snacks. A little refresher: Christina Tosi is the genius and mastermind behind the Milk Bar, a bakery chain infamous for decadent treats. Tosi’s ooey-gooey take on chess pie as well as her cereal milk ice cream flavor skyrocketed her to stardom. Now, Milk Bar faves such as birthday cake line of sweets or crazy cookie concoctions are available nationwide via the Milk Bar Store.

Here are some Milk Bar favs available in your local grocery store, to satiate your sweet tooth while watching Bake Squad. 

Cereal Milk Ice Cream

If you’ve ever been to Momofuko in New York or even Milk Bar, you’ve probably tried the classic cereal milk soft serve. Sweet and slightly fruity, this cornflake-infused ice cream has the taste of the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl, but creamy and smooth. In June , Milk Bar launched a line of ice creams available at your local Whole Foods. My recommendation for this snack — my pint ended up being cereal milk flavored ice cream with only one piece of cornflake crunch —buy your favorite cereal, whether it be Fruity Pebbles or Frosted Flakes, and sprinkle it on top for some added texture.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

The second ice cream that has launched out of the four available in grocery stores is Birthday Cake. This vanilla birthday cake-flavored ice cream will call to mind birthdays past with a deliciously sweet and cake batter flavor reminiscent of childhood. Studded inside are a chockfull of sprinkles, birthday cake bits, and chunks of frosting. When watching a show about baking, you're sure to want something that will remind you of cake.

Chocolate Confetti Cookie

If you can’t make the trip out to a Milk Bar location for a chewy Milk Bar cookie, your local Whole Foods is sure to have some of your favorites. The chocolate confetti cookie is the perfect blend of a cocoa-y brownie flavor with just the right amount of playfulness with rainbow sprinkles.

Compost Cookie

Last but not least: try the compost cookie, which perfectly combines sweet and salty. The cookie features butterscotch, chocolate chips, potato chips, pretzel chunks, graham crackers and coffee and oats that all makes for a bite that’s salty, nutty, and a bit earthy. It’s absolutely sure to satisfy all your late night munchies. 

All in all, as you sit on the edge of your seat watching this season of Bake Squad, there’s no better companion in Covid-times than a pile of Milk Bar snacks. It’s kind of meta...right?