At 9PM, you're sitting at your desk, hesitating whether or not you should get Chipotle before it closes, but you say "no," because you know better than to eat so late at night. 

But the clock strikes 12am you're regretting everything and really should have gotten your usual order from Chipotle. Now you're just hungry, and there's nothing in the fridge to satisfy the midnight monster within you. 

Now, nearly everything in Chauncey Square is closed, PMU is completely closed, and all the dining courts are pitch black. You've made the biggest mistake of your day, and maybe even your life. 

Worry not, Boilermakers, for I have created a list of all of the options you have past midnight here in our cozy college town of West Lafayette. Your hunger concerns are officially resolved. 

1. Harrison Grille

Harrison Grille is known for being a great place to chill and hang out after hours on campus. Their milkshakes will definitely satisfy your midnight sweet tooth. Order away everyday until 1am. 

Or procrastinate by making this outrageously beautiful deconstructed ice cream sandwich milkshake at home.

2. AJ'S Burger and Beef

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These guys specialize in making the best late-night munchies. AJ's is your go-to restaurant if you want good and fast loaded fries, burgers, hot dogs, and funnel cake fries galore. They close well after midnight everyday, so order via Hungry Boiler or carryout. 

3. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

When I'm drunk, I need a grilled cheese and fries to satisfy the munchies. To fix my hungover self, I need a bacon cheeseburger and cajun fries. When I'm procrastinating, those peanuts and hot dogs are the way to go. Regardless, Five Guys is my lover throughout the day. 

#SpoonTip: They're open past midnight only on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!

4. Von's Dough Shack 

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 Ever since Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation) professed his love for calzones, I've had an odd craving for them past midnight all too frequently. Von's is your place, hands down. 

5. Hotbox Pizza 

When has ordering pizza ever failed you? I think never. Hot Box is open past midnight every night except Sunday (the day you should actually dedicate to be productive).

6. Rice Cafe

Oh, the Chinese takeout place that thrives underneath the night sky. Everything from their crispy chicken and wontons to their donuts and wings make my lonely and hungry nights with Meredith Grey a bit more bearable. 

7. Mad Mushroom

Fluffy, bread-y, cheese stix at 12am. Possibly the best cheese sticks you can find in West Lafayette. Need I say more?

8. McDonald's

This may seem like the more obvious items on this list, but ever since the chain started serving breakfast all day long, those midnight runs have been more thrilling embark upon. 

#SpoonTip: Here's a handy list of menu items if you're vegetarian.

9. Buffalo Wild Wings

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B-dubs is only open past midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, so make sure to check the date before you hop into your car. Wings and beer? Who can honestly resist chicken at night? 

10. DT Kirby's

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DT Kirby's is a bit far from campus (it's across the river in Lafayette), but it's still a good place to check out if it happens to be past midnight. They serve extraordinary burgers and drinks—I mean, can't you tell? 

If you're craving something to drink or eat at any time of the day, check out this bigger list to see if anything at Purdue satisfies the hunger within. If nothing does, then...stay home and persuade yourself to study or binge-watch Grey's Anatomy (probably the latter).