If your Instagram feed looks anything like mine, it's more edible media than social media. Between decadent desserts and colorful salads, I'm constantly scrolling through new recipes. There are foodies all over the world, but as a Michigan resident, it can be difficult to find a common ground with that surfer from California who thrives on nothing but acaí bowls and saltwater. 

With local food bloggers, you're almost guaranteed to discover helpful tips and recipes that you can actually fit into your lifestyle. Like you, they live and eat in Michigan. Consider them your foodie godmothers that are here to guide you on your Michigan food journey. They're never too far away, no matter what part of Michigan you living in.  

Here are 3 blogs that you have to follow if you are a true Michigander: 

1. Rachel Cooks

Rachel Gurk, the author of Rachel Cooks, is a local foodie whose motto is "food, family, fun." Her posts range from simple and healthy recipes to photos of her adorable kids, and an inside look at what's happening on the Michigan food scene.

For every recipe on her blog, she includes a section for her verdict, her husband's take, changes she would make and the overall difficulty level. This aspect makes her blog even more relatable and makes you feel a part of the family. Multiple areas around Michigan have been highlighted on her blog, including Traverse City and several other places up north. 

One of her more recent posts includes this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Candied Walnuts

For your daily dose of local food, family, and fun, check out rachelcooks.com and follow @rachelcooksblog on TwitterInstagramPinterest and on Facebook.

2.  Foxes Love Lemons

Detroit-based food blogger, Lori Yates, is the author of Foxes Love Lemons. She’s a culinary school graduate who focuses on “simple, yet special, recipes for the home chef.”

With a local perspective and culinary training, her blog offers expertise for Michiganders with a craving for educated and unique recipes. She even has a portion of her blog dedicated to sharing lessons she learned in culinary school.  

Recently, Yates posted this recipe for Roasted Acorn Squash with Pomegranate and Parsley

Learn how to eat like a real Michigander by visiting foxeslovelemons.com and following @foxeslovelemons on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and on Facebook.

3. The Lemon Bowl

Liz Della Croce is the author and creator of The Lemon Bowl, a blog that is centered around whole, seasonal and ethnic foods. Advocating for an all around healthy lifestyle, she has appeared on the Today Show and graced the cover of magazines like Women's World. Most importantly, she has accomplished all of this from her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Not only does her blog feature a variety of recipes and flavors, but you can also find fitness, weight loss, and nutrition information in a section devoted to healthy habits.

This recipe for Sausage, Bean and Sweet Potato Soup was posted on The Lemon Bowl recently, featuring some hearty Fall flavors.  

By visiting thelemonbowl.com, you're sure to get the inside scoop on the best local foods and how to incorporate them. Stay updated with the latest recipes by following @thelemonbowl on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and on Facebook.

Your search for the perfect food blogger ends here. Never again will you feel lost in a sea of intricate posts from obscure foodies. Finally, you can scroll through recipes that are made by Michiganders, for Michiganders. Get your daily fix of fresh recipes and tips by following these local foodies.