Over the past couple of years, Miami's food truck scene has continued to evolve greatly. It started with just a few in the South Miami area, and now they can be found all over the city, from Wynwood to Kendall, and they each bring something different to the table. From gourmet food, to cupcakes, to grilled cheese sandwiches, you can pretty much spot all kinds of food trucks in just about every corner of Miami. 

A new hot spot for food truck eating in the city is Tiago's Tacos, which serves various options of our favorite Mexican foods. Out of all of the delicious things on the menu, my personal favorite, the chicken tacos, are made of juicy grilled to-order chicken, topped with tomatoes, sweet onions, cheese, with their crema & Sriracha honey. The first bite is an explosion of flavor! Add a side of their homemade chips and guac, and they'll have you hooked and coming back for more.

The Faces Behind the Tacos: Gabriel Bayma and Angie Mollinedo

Kaitlyn Reyes

High school sweethearts Gabriel Bayma and Angie Mollinedo have recently welcomed a sweet baby boy, Tiago, and decided to started another new adventure simultaneously by starting Tiago's Tacos (yes, named after their baby!).

Gabriel Bayma has years of food industry experience, starting with learning as a young child from his grandma and at 16 years old taking on a job as a busser at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. From there, he just couldn't stop; he attended the Miami Culinary Institute and eventually landed a cooking job at La Mar By Gaston Acurio. 

Angie Mollinedo, a new mother and a soon to be graduate majoring in psychology with a minor in communications, has stood by Gabriel throughout this crazy adventure, saying, "I've always encouraged Gabriel to follow his dreams and do what he loves. I will be by his side accomplishing it!"

How Tiago's Tacos Came About

With a baby on the way and Gabriel spending many hours away from home, they both decided it would be best for their family to be in control of their schedule. A restaurant was not the best option for them at the moment, so this is where the food truck came about. The food truck has allowed Gabriel to share his culinary passion with others in a way that is cheaper and more efficient for them.

Gabriel Bayma's Favorite Dish to Make

Kaitlyn Reyes

When asked what his favorite dish to make is, he says, "Definitely the al pastor Tacos." And I can see why, because when you try the al pastor tacos, you can really taste his passion for them. (Al pastor tacos are shawarma spit-grilled meat).

Why a Taco Food Truck?

Because tacos are life...just kidding. Well not really, this is both of Angie and Gabriel's favorite food! Gabriel feels that tacos let him express his culinary skills; with tacos, he has the freedom to try out different combinations and styles, such as their chicharron tacos. Bet you haven't heard of those before... you'll have to follow their instagram to find out when they have them available.  

What Sparked his Passion for Cooking?

Gabriel comes from a long line of cooks; his grandparents were owners of a Brazilian catering company in their hometown in Brazil. At a young age, Gabriel's grandmother showed him the ropes in the kitchen and he has loved it ever since.

Advice for Someone Who Wants to Open their Own Food Truck

Gabriel says, "Just try it out, don't be discouraged. Even if you only sell one water bottle in 8 hours, come back the next day with an even better attitude. But be ready to work hard and get your hands dirty. It does not come easy."

Future Goals

Gabriel hopes to continue expanding his Food Truck business, eventually opening some more and attending different food truck events throughout Miami. Once the timing is right they hope to open a restaurant where they can continue serving their fresh tacos!

Head out to Tiago's Tacos to meet this great couple and check out their fresh take on your favorite tacos! 

P.S. They have a great selection of Jarritos!

Tiago's Tacos is located at 15450 SW 136th Street, Miami, Florida, and is open Monday through Saturday from 11:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.