Metropolitan Bakery is known throughout Philly for its breads, pastries, granola and breakfast sandwiches with the power to cure the worst of hangovers. Lucky for us, they also have a few things hidden away that have the potential to revolutionize home meals. Their pesto is by far the number one on that list. Although homemade pesto will always be the freshest type of pesto, Metro’s version will become the best friend of those of us who lack food processors or time. It’s freshly made and lasts around 2 weeks. I promise I’m not over hyping it. This incredible creation costs around $6 (definitely not cheap, but you will use it so frequently that it is well worth the money).

Where should you be spreading this on? Pretty much anything and everything, but here’s a list of ideas to get you started.

1. Roasted veggies. Think cauliflower, zucchini, butternut squash, etc. You can’t go wrong when your veggies are accompanied by green, nutty, oily, deliciousness.

2. Sandwiches. I can’t think of a deli meat or cheese that wouldn’t be improved.

3. Avocado toast. Obviously such an important sandwich that it gets its own category. Why is the avocado so dark in this picture? From the pesto that has been liberally applied.


Photo by Dina Zaret

4. Tofu/Chicken. Gonna saute up some protein for din? I bet I know what would go well with it.

5. An omelette. As it’s cooking, splash a little pesto on top. I’d say get ready for a pleasant surprise, but at this point you should know that how delicious it will be is not surprising.

Clearly all of these suggestions will work with any pesto you buy. Although Metro’s is at the top of my pesto list, pesto is pesto, and it will never be bad. Say pesto again.