Health is extremely important, and sexual health isn't any less important. Surely you've heard about foods that are bad for guy's you-know-whats (ahem, whiskey dick anyone?), but fear not, there are also foods that promote men's sexual health.

So fellas, if you're looking to start a new diet, here are some foods you may want to add in to help your best friend.

1. Spinach

Popeye must have been onto something because spinach is one of the top foods for males and their special parts. It has been found that not only does spinach really take a salad up a notch, but it also takes blood flow up there with it.

By increasing blood flow, more blood is able to reach the extremities (wink wink), allowing for increased pleasure during sex. It'll be worth your time to learn how to sauté spinach now.

2. Hot Sauce

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Stephanie DeVaux

A study conducted in France showed a strong correlation between tolerance for spice with testosterone levels. Supposedly, the more hot sauce you eat, the higher your testosterone levels will be. There have been countless benefits linked with increased testosterone—most importantly, an increased sex drive.

Not only does hot sauce make for an increased libido, but it is also reported that it can account for an increase in other regions. Apparently, the more a guy can handle the heat, the more heat he’s likely to be packing.

3. Tomatoes


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Is it a fruit or a vegetable? Regardless, it’s great for your little (or not so little) friend. In fact, according to a study conducted by Harvard medical center, Men who eat 10 servings of tomatoes each week have an 18 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer. I guess you’ll be trying these oven-roasted tomatoes tonight.

4. Pine Nuts

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So, how about deez nuts? Pine nuts are rich in zinc, which often leads to those individuals having higher sex drives. They’re also heavy in magnesium which promotes sperm health. As one of the main ingredients in pesto, this is just another reason to spoil your partner with a homemade Italian meal. We suggest this 5-ingredient avocado spinach pesto pasta

5. Carrots

You know what your mom always told you about carrots improving your eyesight? Well according to a study carrots are also proven to increase male sperm count and motility by up to 8%. Meaning, eating carrots may not only promote vision health, but help your sperm swim faster.  

6. Wine

As if we needed another reason to love wine, it is also linked with improved health down below. Men that drink red wine have increased sex drives and more testosterone. Just another reason to spring for that bottle of red wine at dinner or for a night-in. And save room for these red wine chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

7. Oysters


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock and never seen a cheesy reference of this in movies, you’ve probably heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac. While they do get both men and women going, they are especially awesome for guys because they boost testosterone and improve sperm quality. If you’re someone who suffers from infertility, consider giving oysters a shot the next time you take a go at it.

8. Strawberries


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Who would’ve thought that such an innocent seeming fruit could be so powerful in the bedroom? It is said that the B and C vitamins in these berries increases libido and can really help take it to the next level in the bedroom.

9. Broccoli


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Broccoli is known to increase testosterone levels in men, further improving penile health. So I guess, Lil Yachty wasn’t wrong when he said, “Ya I know your baby mama fond of me, all she want to do is smoke that broccoli.”  And if you don't like broccoli, trick yourself into liking it.