Let me start by saying, I'm not usually one for following blogs via email, Instagram or whatever other platforms. But that was before I found the witty blogger Serena Wolf, the genius behind "The Dude Diet." 

Wolf has been crushing the food game with her blog, Domesticate Me, and with her book, "The Dude Diet." I have been following her on social media for the past couple of months now, watching her navigate a book tour and keep up with her sanity, while having a sense of humor and being utterly honest about life being crazy sometimes.  

As you can tell, I am a major fan of her story, so I took the time to ask her some questions on how she has gotten to where she is today. Read on to learn more about this incredible woman who is slaying the food world one recipe, Insta-story and day at a time:

Why "The Dude Diet?"

Serena: "The Dude Diet" was inspired by my now fiancé, Logan, who for lack of a better term was “nutritionally confused.” After moving in with him and becoming privy to his terrifying day-to-day eating habits (the dude lived on primarily meat, cheese, bread, and buffalo sauce), I was pretty worried about his long-term health.

I knew that overhauling the eating habits of someone who comes precariously close to having excitement seizures in the vicinity of finger food and regularly trips over himself running to the door to get his Domino’s wasn’t going to be an easy job, but I love a challenge, and I committed myself to helping Logan create better habits by feeding him nutritious, hearty meals that he’d actually be pumped to eat. Knowing there are others out there just like Logan, I wanted to write a book that would arm people with the knowledge and tools they need to lead healthier, happier lives.

What is your favorite recipe from "The Dude Diet?"

Serena: Cheeseburger Quinoa Bake, hands down. (This also happens to be Logan’s ride-or-die book recipe too.) For the record, one recipe tester said the flavors are like a McDonald’s cheeseburger but better. I consider this extremely high praise.

For all my Spoonies out there, what recipes would you recommend to busy college students?

Serena: There’s an entire chapter in the book called “Back Pocket Recipes” that’s perfect for busy students and recent grads! From life-changing techniques for cooking the perfect chicken breast, fish filet, and frittata to super easy pesto pasta and tortilla pizza, these easy, reliable meals are culinary building blocks (and fallback staples) that will help boost kitchen confidence and keep peeps on the nutritional straight and narrow even when they’re short on time.

As a strict dairy free girl for migraines, I can’t/won’t stop eating Cheez-Its, and they don't seem to cause the headaches. What is your go-to guilty pleasure?

Serena: Ugh, Sour Patch Kids. The ingredients scare me, but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Not gonna lie, there have been times when I’ve eaten so many that the roof of my mouth is sore for a full day afterward. #noshame

What advice would you give 21-year- old Serena?

Serena: Stay true to yourself. (That may be a little cliché, but whatever.) You do you. Don't try to mimic other writers or businesses that you like or create content and products that you’re not passionate about simply because you think people will buy into it. There are millions of blogs, books, and products out there, and if you want to stand out, you can’t be afraid to get a little weird. Authenticity and honesty really resonate with people, and even though it will take a while, you’ve got an audience out there. You just have to find them.

Also, be flexible. You never know where a simple idea or seemingly random opportunity will take you.

I read on your blog you decided to move to Paris post-grad. What advice would you have to other graduates thinking of moving abroad?

Serena: Just do it! It can be a little tricky to get a work visa, but it’s doable, and if you plan to be a student — I went to culinary school, but there are so many other amazing undergrad and post-grad programs available — there’s no better city in the world [than Paris]. I’ve never learned or grown more than I did in the 18 months I lived abroad —it opened my mind and made me so much more independent and fearless.

As a food blogger, do you have any tips for college students who know they love food and social media, but aren't sure where to go from there? 

Serena: Start a hobby blog! A LOT of time, hard work, and patience goes into recipe development, food writing and photography, and blog maintenance, so I recommend starting your blog as a side hustle and seeing if you actually love it before committing to it as a potential “career.” You need to really love it in order to get it off the ground, which can take years.

As a follower of your Instagram, your stories are beautifully relatable and so honest about traveling and life just being crazy sometimes. How do you handle the “crazy” while you'r touring?

Serena: Oh mannnnn, the struggle is real. I’m prone to anxiety, which gets worse when I’m on the road, so managing that is my number one priority. I try to eat as healthily as possible (I always travel with a fully stocked #snackpack) and do my best to limit refined sugar, booze, and caffeine, which are personal triggers.

I also mix Natural Calm calcium-magnesium powder into hot water once or twice a day, and if I’m feeling really fried, I’ll just close my eyes for 10-20 minutes and focus on my breathing (aka “lazy meditation”). Most importantly, I try to laugh—at myself and my experiences—as much as humanly possible! And an impromptu solo dance party does never hurts...

This is a woman who has mastered the art of being vulnerable through her humor and amazing recipes.  Serena, thanks for the entertainment, inspiration and amazing recipes!  I, Liz Faile, 100 percent recommend checking out the book, blog and Instagram (@serenagwolf), because you will not regret it.