Meatless Monday is a movement that, according to the website of the same name, was started by Sid Lerner. As the name would suggest, the aim of Meatless Monday is to abstain from eating any meat on that particular day.

Why, you ask? Because if everyone took meat out of their diet for just one day a week, the effect that would have on the planet would be huge. After all, meat production and farming are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases and global warming. There is also evidence to suggest that making this slight alteration in diet could be healthier on an individual level as well.

But now that I’ve got the reasons for the movement out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff: the food. All around the city of St. Petersburg, there are so many great veggie friendly restaurant options so that you can have the perfect Meatless Monday and make a difference! I’ve provided just a few recommendations below, within a few minutes of campus, to get you started.


This place has to be my top pick for Meatless Monday. And rightfully so, as the company actually offers a great deal for those who choose to partake in the movement. If you buy one meatless item, you can get another meatless entrée for free. They have vegetarian takes on typical American fast food, with veggie burgers, corn dogs, and bowls. I recommend taking a friend and splitting the cost of two meals for the price of one.

2. Hawkers

(Full disclosure: I am a server here)

Hawkers is a trendy Asian fusion restaurant downtown, and they have loads of vegetarian and even vegan options on their menu. From noodles to rice to small plates, there’s quite a variety of things to choose from, as many of their dishes offer the option to switch out the meat for tofu for no extra charge (yay for still getting some protein)!

3. Taco Bell

Thanks to social media and company marketing, I feel like it’s now a pretty well known fact that the taco franchise has plenty of options and menu modifications available for veg-heads. Taco Bell is cheap, fast, widely available, and an American classic, so I just had to include it on the list. Check out this list of the vegetarian items they offer.

4. Fresh Kitchen

This restaurant is all about natural, organic food, and they also happen to have great meatless items as well. Set up like an assembly line for putting together the perfect food bowl, there are tons of ways to mix things up while keeping it meatless.

As stated earlier, these are just a few of the options available for the purposes of partaking in Meatless Monday. I tried to include choices that are varied and reasonably priced for the average college student. Once you begin consciously looking for meatless options, even at your favorite restaurants, you’d be surprised how many accommodations can be made, and how many choices are out there.