It’s officially Movember! Yes thats right, mustaches will be grown, challenges met, and stylistic choices will most likely be questioned.

This multifaceted form of facial hair doesn’t work for everyone, but if you’ve always wanted that 20-going-on-60 look that is just so hard to achieve, Movember is your month. Not only are dudes everywhere getting ambitious with their facial hair styles, but they can do it FOR CHARITY, AND AWARENESS. Never has an awkward patch of upper lip hair been so philanthropic.

The Movember Foundation raises money and awareness about men’s health issues through the spirit of anachronistic facial hair! The best part is the freedom to choose whatever mustache style (and there are plenty to choose from) fits you. Now, what are these dudes most likely eating…?




When he’s not home brewing or pickling, he’s eating chicken and waffles and some craft beer at a trendy gastropub.

 Ron Burgundy


Both classy and classic, he treats himself to some fine whiskey and a steak dinner

Barely there


He’s not giving up on his dreams of growing a real stache, but the reality is he won’t be growing one anytime soon. Just like his stache, his diet hasn’t matured yet either. He opts for chicken nuggets and French fries with a side of chocolate milk.

Regular Mo


Arrested Development via

Probably lost a bet and had to grow one. This guy can be found eating a Chipotle burrito and shotgunning some Natty Ice. Can also probably be found playing lacrosse with some other “Mo Bros.”



Thinks he’s a total badass and orders an entire meat lover’s pizza for himself. With jalapeños. And extra hot sauce.



He just made himself vegan spaghetti and wheat balls for dinner accompanied by some home-brewed kombucha.

Bonus Patch Stache


After coming back from traveling in India, he now considers himself an “adventurous eater.” This mainly means he orders the spiciest thing on the menu.



He just spent the last half hour perfecting this difficult stache, now he’s not hungry anymore.

 Ron Swanson


Associated Press

Like Ron, he doesn’t mess with vegetables. Bacon, eggs and whole milk are his diet staples.



The Big Lebowski: 10th Anniversary Edition

This stache is like the Swanson on steroids. This bold mustache wearer is most likely eating a hearty chili and telling a story while doing so.