McDonald's is embracing the South by introducing a new all-day breakfast sandwich. Starting January 2nd, the fast food chain is making a brunch-inspired chicken 'n waffles type of McGriddle that is only available for a limited-time at select locations. Get it while it's hot.

McDonald's new Chicken McGriddle is meant to give you a taste of the South. The on-the-go breakfast sandwich is made with crispy, fried chicken placed between two maple syrup infused McGriddle. Sign me up

The Chicken McGriddle is not an entirely a new item. It was available for a limited-time one year ago at McDonald's testing location in Columbus. The sandwich made such an impact with customers, that McDonald's decided to bring it back and expand its availability to certain locations in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.

“I’m excited that our customers no longer have to wait for Saturday or Sunday to enjoy brunch in northeast Florida or southeastGeorgia—now, they can enjoy the taste of chicken and waffles, on-the- go, all day, every day,” local McDonald’s owner and operator, Will Garcia said in a press release.

And apparently, it's worth the hype.

But don't be surprised if you're in Florida and don't see it on the menu. The new item is not blatantly advertised and should be ordered as a secret menu item. 

“Chicken McGriddles have been a not-so-secret, secret McDonald’s menu item for a while, and we are thrilled to officially add it to the menu so all guests are aware and can enjoy this great sandwich,” said Garcia. 

This is an innovative time for McDonald's as its Junior Mac and Grand Mac are launching nationwide this year. The chain is also giving Starbucks a run for it's money by updating its eight year old brand, McCafe, to be an affordable, quality coffee experience. 

The Chicken McGriddle is available as an all-day breakfast item until April 26, at select locations in Florida. If you happen to be in the area, be sure to check it out—we don't know when we'll see it again.