McDonald's holiday cups have gone viral. They are the new Starbucks red cup controversy. A Twitter user pointed out that the drawing of mittens on the cup can be altered to look like hands groping a butt, or "spreading its cheeks". And now the Internet can't un-see it.

What began as an innocent drawing of mittens, is now the holiday cup scandal of 2016. The tweet by Sam Skyes has been circling the Internet, gathering much debate and thousands of retweets over his simple scribbles. And you can bet McDonald's is not happy.

"To be clear, our festive McCafé cups are of mittens not hands," McDonald's spokesperson Becca Hary told Business Insider. "The altered image circulating on social media is the result of someone getting a little cheeky and adding some hand-drawing to a cup."

Then there's this.

Holiday cup controversies seriously stir up the Internet. If it's not Starbucks, it's McDonald's. Dunkin' Donuts, you're next.