All of us have have been to McDonald's. From our childhood memories of peering over the counter anxiously for that exclusive yet useless Happy Meal for which your parents shelled out a few extra bucks, to McDonald's breakfast menu that serves up Egg McMuffins.

Have you ever wondered what lies on the darker side of the moon? What do the employees at McDonald's think of the job and your antics? Not much, apparently.

1. People who ask for salt-free fries are definitely bound for hell

To cook a new batch fries takes us around three minutes. Add to that the time required to clean the fry station and the fry scoop and then act all smiles so that the PR team doesn't apprehend us later. If you do not like salt, then probably you should have stayed at home. 

2. Rude customers get what they deserve...

McDonald's Employees, Focus 2

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I sincerely hope the management doesn't get around to reading this, but if you are rude to us, we will do the same to you. Don't worry, we won't spit on your burger, but we might squash your burger a bit so that all the veggies kamikaze straight at your clothes. Or we might add extra ice to your beverage (revenge is best served cold, remember?).

3. ...And so do nice customers

On the contrary, if you choose to be nice to us, we might add extra toppings on your McFlurry, try to fill your beverage up to the brim, or maybe add an extra helping of our famous chocolate sauce on your ice cream sundae.

4. The long hours

Yes, we work really long hours, sometimes 14 hours at a time. So if you think that only business men have done all the hard work in your life and carry the world on your shoulders, remember we have done our bit too in feeding this excruciatingly fast-paced world.

5. We have seen things that we would definitely love to unsee

McDonald's, Employees

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Like when a child puked in the seating area of the restaurant and the customer care guy had to stoop low to clean it. Or the time a coworker turned up drunk and misbehaved.